Photographs from the book Origin, Development, and Disintegration of the German Colonies near the Black Sea, with the Example of Kandel from 1804 to 1944

Entstehung, Entwicklung und Auflösung der deutschen Kolonien am Schwarzen Meer am Beispiel von Kandel von 1808 bis 1944

By Anton Bosch und Josef Lingor

 Anton Bosch and his mother Ida, outside their home in Kilmes, Udmurien, Siberia, Russia, 1949.
Catholic Church in Kandel with priest's home nearby, 1934. Church of the Assumption, Selz, 1898.
Wedding photo of Georg and Ida (Marquardt) Bosch, Kandel, Kutschurgan District, by Odessa, 1933. Bishop Antonius Johannes Zerr, born in 1849 in Franzfeld, Odessa District, died in 1932 in Kandel.

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