Gedenkschrift Flucht, Heimatlosigkeit, Neubeginn, 1945-1995

Published by the Landsmannschaft der Bessarabiendeutschen e.V., Stuttgart, Germany, 1995, 112 pages, softcover, in German language.


Edwin Kelm, President of the Landsmannschaft der Bessarabiendeutschen states: "In January 1995, we are reminded of the exodus from the Warthegau to West Prussia 50 years ago. It was the most difficult and painful experience of the Bessarabian ethnic group after the resettlement... Based on personal experiences and testimonies of contemporary witnesses, we learn what happened back then and what women, children and old folks had to suffer."

This book documents the sufferings as well as the achievements of the Bessarabian Germans since the end of WW II to 1995. According to Hugo Schreiber, who writes about the historical background of the deportation from the Eastern provinces, says, "astonishingly, information on the exodus and the deportation was often incomplete, although reports were repeatedly printed in various issues of the Heimatkalender. After the course of a half century we are to think of the horrible events in the winter of 1945." The events as a result of World War II are dealt with in this commemorative edition.

There are many copies of original documents, letters and certificates. Contributions of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church which provided assistance to these refugees are not omitted either.

Flucht - Heimatlosigkeit - Neubeginn: 1945 - 1995

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