2003 Kalender: Historischer Forschungsverein der Deutschen aus Russland e.V.

Prepared by the Historischer Forschungsverein der Deutschen aus Russland e.V., Haus der Heimat, Nurenberg, Germany; designed by Linda Bosch, Munich, Germany, 2002, color photographs, 28 pages, text in German language.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to present the 2003 edition of this beautifully done color calendar prepared by the new German historical organization in Nurenberg, Germany: Historische Forschungsverein der Deutschen aus Russland. Three previous calendars have been done in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

Kalendar Photos

Friedrich Gross, painter

The 2003 Kalendar includes an impressive map, "1803-2003: 200 Jahre Gruendung Deutscher Kolonien am Schwarzen Meer'.

Alexander Frison, Bishop

The Kalendar features color photographs and historical biographies of these important persons to the Germans from Russia history and culture: 1) Richelieu, a Duke from Odessa, born in Paris, France; 2) Heinrich Johann, Friedrich Ostermann, Stateman and Reformer, born in Bochum, Germany; 3) Peter Koeppen, scholar from the Crimea; 4) Georg Leopold Koenig, born in St. Petersburg; 5) Friedrich Gross, painter from the Black Sea born in Sudak, Crimea; 6) Julius Heuss, the chocolate king, born in Waldorf, Germany; 7) Prof. Karl Lindemann, an advocate and writer; 8) Dr. Jakob Augst, a dentist in Odessa, born in Bessarabia; 9) Friedrich Falz-Fein, founder of nature parks, born in Askania-Nowa; 10) Bishop Alexander Frison, the last German-Russian Catholic Bishop, born in Baden, Kutschurgan District, Odessa; 11) Heinrich Neuhaus, teacher of piano, born in Jelisawetgrad; and 12) Victor Klein, writer, born Warenburg, Volga Region. The cover of the calendar features color portrait images of Deutsche Kaier Franz II and Russischer Zar Alexander I.

For further information, consult the website of the Historischer Forschungsverein der Deutschen aus Russland, see the website: http://www.hfdr.de. The website is in the German language only.

2003 Deutschen aus Russland Calendar

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