Die deutschen Kolonien in Südrussland

By Konrad Keller

Historischer Forschungsverein der Deutschen aus Russland e.V., Nurenberg, Germany, new edition of the original books of 1905 and 1914, 2000, hardcover, 603 pages, German language only

Do you know Konrad Keller?

Probably not. You can become familiar with him now. Konrad Keller was one of the first German Russian historians who had researched the history of the German colonies in Russia and described them in numerous publications. His major work in two volumes Die deutschen Kolonien in Südrussland appeared in 1905 and in 1914, and is still today scholarly treasure for the reader interested in the past of the Germans from Russia.

Once widely read, but today existing as only a few copies, these two volumes known as the "Kellerbook" have a meaning only to a minority of German Russians.

The Historische Forschungsverein der Deutschen aus Russland e.V. has taken on the task to publish Keller's extensive work as a new edition in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of his death. This new edition contains two volumes in one book and is written on 603 pages in modern German typesetting transliterated from the "Gothic" (Sütterlin) type and with 118 pictures.

Keller's biography, phases in his life and work, as well as family tree, precede the book in the preface in recognition of the historian.

Volume 1 (Original 1905): "A review of the cultural development of the German colonies in South Russia during 100 years, beside chronicles of the Catholic colonies Kleinliebental, Josephstal, Mariental and Franzfeld as jubilee edition of their 100th anniversary."

Volume 2 (Original 1914): "The Beresan colonies: Landau, Speier, Sulz, Karlsruhe, Katharinenthal, Rastadt, München described historically, geographically and statistically and as a German cultural depiction from South Russian steppes presented by Fr. Konrad Keller, pastor, true member of the bibliographic society at the Kaiser's - New Russian University and honorary member of the Klemensverein in the Tiraspol diocese."

The Beresan central school in Landau.
A distant view of Speier.
The church in Karlsruhe.
The village of Sulz.

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Review by Dr. Roland M. Wagner, Ph.D.

Die deutschen Kolonien in Südrussland

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