Kochbuch der Deutschen aus Rußland

Cookbook for the Germans from Russia

By Nelly Däs, Stuttgart, Germany

Published in the German language by the Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Rußland, Stuttgart, Germany, 1996, softcover, 160 pages


"This 160-page cookbook in the German language has the purpose to be used, to be read and to be studied..."This cookbook brings the old homeland heritage closer, not only to those German-Russians who have settled after WWII in Germany, but also to interested newcomers. A priority for Nelly Däs was to effectively reflect the life of our German-Russian people. Occasionally providing historic details give insights into why particular recipes are enhanced by commentary and vignettes. Some recipes even indicate their origin, i.e. places of deportation of the German-Russian people for Alexandrowka-Salat; or Roter Borscht, a venerable Ukrainian specialty.

Investigate wonderful recipes, such as Kässpäzle, Schwäbischer Kartoffelsalat, Apfelkückle, Apfelkuchen, Hüjmersuppe, Fleischkückle, and further tempting foodway survivals!

The family ancestors of Nelly Däs originated from Friedrichsfeld, Swabia, in 1811. This explains the reason why mostly Swabian recipes are presented, although other regional cuisine is represented: Rhineland's Himmel und Erde, or Black Forest is potato soup, or Lüneburger Heide's Heidschnucken. A dialect term for "sheep", Rücken in Wacholdersahne, gives us whimsy to food titles.

Every recipe has been researched and tested. Nelly Däs has made a valuable contribution to historic foodways of the Germans from Russia culture with her excellent new recipe book. Enjoy! Gut essen!

There is a table of contents, additional pages for notes or adding recipes and, finally, a summary biography about the author.

Kochbuch der Deutschen aus Rußland
Cookbook for the Germans from Russia

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