Lebensweg der Dobrudschadeutschen in Bildern: 1840 - 1940 - 1990

Published by the Dobrudschadeutsche Landsmannschaft, Heilbronn, Germany, 1992, 546 pages, hardcover, in German language.


The book is a picture album with which to relax and to remember. It contains black & white family photos, group shots, snap shots of the working environment of farmers or other skilled workers, celebrations which reflect life in Dobrudscha German society and the achievements of the people. The photos show customs and clothing of our ancestors in their host country where they had lived for 100 years or more.

There are extensive photographs of of the Dobrudscha German villages. Villages include Alakap, Atmachscha, Karamurat, Karatai, Kulelie, Konstanza, Mamuslie, Serdimen, Tschukurow, Jakobsonstal, and many more. Each of the villages has a section which includes community scenes, homes, and many family photographs.

You may even find one of your own relatives in this volume which is like a big family album. There are brief histories of families, a picture of a long-haired, bearded Lipovanian, one of the wind mill. Although most pictures are from the old homeland, a few depict a new life in Germany.

There are good maps about the migration and settlements in the Dobrudscha. Songs of the Dobrudscha Germans are included.

Gotthilf and Elisabeth Hopp Bachmann, married on November 10, 1918, in Alakap, Dobrudscha. Luise Koch with Fritz and Anna in Fachria, Dobrudscha, 1920.
Johannes Mack family in Malkotsch, Dobrudscha. Home of Johannes Weintz in Tariverde, Dobrudscha.

Lebensweg: Der Dobrudschadeutschen

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