Geschichtlicher Abriß über die St. Peters-Pfarrei und Anlegung der Kolonien Rastadt, Katharinenthal und Speyer

verfaßt von Hochw. Pater H. Metzger bei Gelegenheit des 40-jährigen Jubiläums der ersten Ansiedler, 1930, 56 pages, softcover, German language.


The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to make available this valuable publication on the history of the St. Peters Parish at the 40th anniversary of the first settlers Geschichtlicher Abriß über die St.Peters-Pfarrei. The colonies of Rastadt, Katharinental and Speyer are located southeast of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. They were founded by Catholic Black Sea Germans who immigrated to southern Saskatchewan from the Catholic Beresan District villages of Rastadt, Katharinental and Speyer, south Russia (today Ukraine).

This publication contains not only pictures of the villages but also of the settlers themselves like the Eberles, Resch, Frey, Selinger, etc. According to the Archbishop of Regina, "this will be a valuable reminder, I am sure, of a busy missionary work..." Numerous names are listed. Besides the history, there is also a separate chapter of the parish work with pictures of various priests, like Fr. Metzger. Chapters on the Lourdes-Grotto with donors and their amounts, school system, associations, and finally a listing of the first deceased with their death dates.

This publication is in an old German typesetting.

Geschichtlicher Abriß über die St. Peters-Pfarrei

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