Die Wolgadeutschen 2005 Kalendar

Text prepared by Dr. Robert Korn, layout by Sergei Sacharow, 2005, German and Russian languages

This impressive historical calendar includes the following images: January - map of Wolgaddeutschen 1941; February - photo of Prof. Prof. Andreas Dulson, linguist and archaeologist (1900-1973); March - photo of writer Reinhardt Köln (1900-1988); April - photo of Friedrich Bolger, write of prose, lyrics and translator (1915-1988); May - Akademischen Deutschen Staatstheaters building, Engels, 1978; June - Lutheran Church in Katharienstadt; July - The Volga Riger; August - photo of Franz Bach (1885-1942, delegate to Konferenz Wolgadeutschen Schriftstellar in Engels, 1931; September - photo of the village of Sarepta in 1870; October - Saratov building and Deutschen Strasse, headquarters for Deutschen Vereine an der Wolga, including photos of Peter Sinner (1879-1930) and August Lonsinger (1881-1953), 1906; November - photo of illustrator Paul Rau (1897-1930) December - Volga Germans [Ehemalige Arbeitsarmistern nach der Aufführung lahre und Schicksale] and photo of Deutschen Theaters Alma-Ata.

Lutheran Church in Katharienstadt
Sarepta, 1870

There are detailed explanations in German and Russian each of the months relating to the images.

Die Wolgadeutschen 2005 Kalendar

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