Germans from Russia Color Maps of Villages


The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to announce the revision and update of the German village maps featuring color circles for easy identification. The two maps originally became available in 1999, with the updated revisions completed in 2001.

Our appreciation is extended to the following persons in the Germans from Russia community who assisted with village verification and location, proofreading and editing of these maps: Debbie Beick, Spokane, WA; Harold Ehrman, Pacific Palisades, CA; Jay W. Meeuwig, Sambro Head, Nova Scotia; Michael Rempfer, Bismarck, ND; Mitch Roll, Dallas, TX; and Thomas Stangl, Sterling, VA, and Ted Weisenberger, Phoenix, AZ.

The maps are designed for easy identification of the mother and daughter villages of South Russia and to clearly identify the geographic locations in Eastern Europe.

Accompanied with the maps is a special supplement: "Mother Colonies Reference List for Map One and Map Two."

The maps can be used as heritage gifts and can be nicely framed for wall display. Examples for use include family reunions, classrooms, personal gifts, education for youth, and scholarly research.

Maps produced by the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, copyright 2001.

Sample from Map 1

© 2003, GRHC

Sample from Map 2

© 2003, GRHC

Map 001 - 11 by 17 inches in color (Laminated Only)
Nineteenth Century Primary German Villages of South Russia Within Moldova, Ukraine, and Romania Today (includes Black Sea, Bessarabian, and Dobrudscha, German villages)

Map 1 for the Black Sea German villages clearly identifies the districts of Beresan, Glueckstal, Kutschurgan, and Liebental. The mother colonies for the Bessarabian villages are identified. Villages founded before 1880 are primarily identified on the map.

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Map 002 - 11 by 17 inches in color (Laminated Only)
Nineteenth Century Primary German Villages of South Russia Within Ukraine Today (includes Crimean, Hutterite, and Mennonite German villages)

Map 2 presents color circle identification of the mother colonies for Crimea and Tauride, especially the Mennonite colonies for the Inguletz and Molotschna/Prischib areas and Hutterite colonies. The map includes the primary villages for these areas.

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