Germans from Russia Color Map of Volga Villages

Prepared by the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, copyright 2003

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to announce Map 3: Color Map of the Volga Villages – a specially-designed geographic map for easy identification of 1) 18th century mother colonies, Germanic charter districts, and historic Russian cantons; 2) 19th century daughter villages, Russian provinces, plus Sarepta district and Old Samara district; and 3) fourteen 20th century Republic kantons with boundary outlines.

Most German colonies were established near the Volga River in the Czarist provinces of Saratov and Samara. “Bergseite” on the Volga River’s west bank is a portion of Saratov province. “Wiesenseite” on the Volga River’s east bank is a portion of Samara province. The 18th century charter-districts of Catherine, Pokrowsk, and Warenburg were established along the Volga River in Samara province.

An accompanying map supplement includes a printed list of 107 “mother colonies” by village name, translitered names, founding dates, and mercator grid co-ordinates.

Visual symbols identify religious affiliation of Lutheran/Reformed, Catholic, and Mennonite villages. Mother colonies and daughter villages are distinguished by color code and century founding. Saratov city and Engels/Pokrowsk (Republic capital) with kanton capitals are indicated with a surround circle.

The double-sided color map has additional “extract” maps on reverse side to identify: 1)a hachured geographic overlay of German Volga Republic upon historic Czarist provinces of Samara and Saratov; 2) German “Old Samara” daughter villages; and 3) Sarepta, a German city famed for silk and wool textiles manufacturing in historic Czarist province of Astrakhan.

Our appreciation is extended to the following reviewers in the Germans from Russia community who assisted in village verification and location, proofreading, and editing of the map and the supplement: Richard Kisling, San Francisco, California; Dr. Dona Reeves-Marquardt, Austin, Texas; Patrice Miller, San Ramon, California; Kathy O’Malley, Mount Ida, Arkansas; and Rick Rye, Lincoln, Nebraska.

This double-sided map is suitable for wall display and also useful for personal gifts, youth education and scholarly research. A map supplement of Mother Colonies provides additional information.

Map 003 – 11 by 17 inches, double-sided color, laminated only
Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Primary German Villages of the Volga Region, plus Sarepta and Old Samara districts.

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Sample from Map 3

© 2003, GRHC

Germans from Russia Color Map of Volga Villages

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