Souvenir des silbernen Jubilaeums der St. Josephs Gemeinde zu Dickinson, Nord Dakota, 1902-1927, und meine Reise durch das Heilige Land

By Monsignor George P. Aberle.

Dickinson, North Dakota, Nord Dakota Herold, 1927, 231 pages, softcover (reprint), English and German languages.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide an important church history for the Germans from Russia community. The publication was prepared by Monsignor George P. Aberle who is well known for his outstanding books on German-Russian families and heritage.

The book was prepared for the Dedication and Silver Jubilee of St. Joseph's Parish in 1927. Many of the St. Joseph's Parish members in 1927 were of German-Russian ancestry, still exists today.

Monsignor Aberle authors the detailed sections in this book in both English and German languages including photographs, "The Church History of St. Joseph's Church," "History of St. Joseph's School," "The Young Lady Society," and "Trip Through the Holy Land." The section of "Aus dem Kirchen - Archiv" (From the Church Archives) is published in the German language only.

German-Russian family names include: Armburst, Berger, Boesflug, Braun, Engelhardt, Fischer, Geiger, Grinsteiner, Gress, Hatzenbueler, Hecker, Heidt, Hoff, Jaeger, Keller, Kessel, Klein, Koch, Kohler, Kopp, Krank, Kuhn, Kuntz, Mack, Messer, Metz, Mischel, Olheiser, Pfau, Reichert, Reiter, Roller, Roth, Schlosser, Schmaltz, Schmidt, Schneider, Steckler, Steiner, Wanner, Weisgerber, Wagner, Wangler, Weber, Wieland, and Wolf.

These families immigrated to western North Dakota largely from the Catholic Beresan villages of Halbstatt, Katharinental, Landau, München, Rastatt, Speier, and Sulz in South Russia (today near Odessa, Ukraine). Many families also came from the Crimean German Catholic villages of Kronental and Rosental (today near Simperofol, Crimea, Ukraine).

St. Josephs Gemeinde, Dickinson, North Dakota

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