Artas: 1901 - 1976

Artas Diamond Jubilee Committee, Artas, South Dakota, 1976, 51 pages, softcover

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this book about Artas in north central South Dakota, in the heart of German-Russian country.

The Forward and Dedication states; "Artas, now a small quiet town lying in a valley near Spring Creek, has many beautiful memories for all former and present residents. Our object is to put in print the stories of various business places which have played an important part in this town in days gone by. The sources of information for this book, as in all books of this nature, were meager. In the early days of the city's founding, the business of making a living was most important, and the keeping of records was of a secondary matter. We are and will forever be grateful to the pioneers of this city and area for their unwavering efforts in going forward with life, making improvements for the betterment of its residents and we hope this wil be the example for following generations."

Historic and current photographs are included in the book. A listing of families with homes is provided at the end of the book including these names: Ackerman, Bauer, Beck, Bentz, Berreth, Delzer, Ehrmann, Eiseman, Fischer, Fuehrer, Grenz, Hardt, Huber, Kauk, Kautz, Kirschenman, Knoepfle, Kusler, Levi, Lutz, Mitzel, Nolz, Ochsner, Orth, Rohrbach, Rossow, Rutschke, Schaeffer, Schick, Singer, Staebner, Schweigerdt, Trautman, Wald, and Zimmerman.

4th of July in the earlier years
Artas school in 1908

Artas, S.D.: 1901-1976 Book

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