Ashley Golden Jubilee: 1888 - 1938

Ashley Golden Jubilee Committee, Ashley, North Dakota, 242 pages, 1938, softcover

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this valuable North Dakota 50 year golden jubilee book of Ashley in McIntosh County, south-central North Dakota.

The book includes: many historical photographs; a history of Ashley, Hoskins, Zeeland, Venturia, Danzig, Lehr, and Wishek, all in McIntosh; Ashley bands; churches; biography of John Henry Wishek; and many other sections.

The Family Histories section covers pages 69 to 232 including these German-Russian names: Aipperspach, Barreither, Bauer, Bauman, Becker, Beglau, Bender, Bertsch, Biederstedt, Bietz, Billigmeier, Bittner, Boschee, Brandner, Breitling, Delzer, Dewald, Dobler, Dockter, Doerr, Fischer, Fregien, Geiszler, George, Geidt, Goehring, Goll, Haas, Haerter, Hager, Harter, Haupt, Hein, Heinrich, Herr, Hildenbrand, Hoff, Jenner, Jesser, Kessel, Kempf, Klaudt, Klipfel, Koth, Krause, Krein, Kretschmar, Leno, Lippert, Mack, Maier, Mammel, Meidinger, Mertz, Miller, Moench, Moos, Mueller, Nagel, Nickisch, Pfeifle, Pritzkau, Pudwill, Rall, Reidlinger, Rempfer, Retzer, Rieger, Roth, Rothfusz, Rott, Schaeffer, Schnabel, Schauer, Schmidt, Schrenk, Schulz, Spitzer, Strobel, Tesky, Thurn, Vossler, Ulmer, Wahl, Welder, Wiedmann, Wiest, Wolf, Wolff, Ziegenhagel, and Zimmerman.

Of important value in the book, is the identification of persons of their German villages of South Russia and Bessarabia including: Alexanderfeld, Alt Danzig, Beresina, Bergdorf, Borodino, Elsass, Friedenstal, Glückstal, Hoffnungstal, Johannestal, Josephsdorf, Igenfeld, Kassel, Klöstitz, Leipzig, Lichtental, Marienberg, Neu Danzig, Neudorf, Neustatz, Paris, Alt Posttal, Rohrbach, Tarutino, and Zugenundal.

Looking east on Main Street, Ashley, ND; horse team in the foreground were owned by John D. Heyd.
Early Ashley Band taken in front of Stube Hotel; H.M. Larimer with snar drum; T.S. Johnstone, one of the cornet players; C.S. Johnstone, trombone; and Alex Johnstone, bass.
Settlers looking for water in the late 1880s near Ashley.
This building formerly at Hoskins was known as the Grand View; later moved to Ashley and named the Washburn House.
Livery Barn operated at Ashley by C.D. Johnson.
Threshing scene with horses in McIntosh County.

Ashley Golden Jubilee Book

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