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Beulah, North Dakota: Golden Anniversary, 1914 - 1964

Compiled by Jubilee Book Committee, Beulah, North Dakota, Richtman's Printing, Fargo, North Dakota, 1964, 247 pages, hardcover

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The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this important North Dakota community golden jubilee book of Beulah, North Dakota.

There are pages covering the history of the churches including: Church of God, Concordia Lutheran, Congregational, Evangelical United Brethren, Immanuel Baptist, Evangelical Trinity Lutheran Congregation-Kronthal, Neu-Glueckstahl Congregational, Peace Lutheran, Saint Benedict Catholic, Saint Joseph's Catholic, Zion Lutheran, and St. John's Lutheran.

An interesting section is "The Earliest Settlers" of the Native Americans. Histories of pioneer families cover a major part of the book from pages 110-231 including these German names: Becker, Buchfinck, Benz, Singer, Flemmer, Boeshans, Goetz, Daffee, Eisenbeis, Hafner, Heihn, Wolf, Herman, Keller, Schnaidt, Kemmet, Jakober, Jaeger, Hauck, Huber, Joachim, Fischer, Maier, Hilz, Miller, Mohl, Ost, Kessler, Krausz, Martell, Herrmann, Schutz, Kraft, Hertz, Pfenning, Raeszler, Reinhardt, Reub, Heth, Schnaidt, Sailer, Tesky, Klaudt, Held, Boeckel, Kasper, Renke, Schmid, Muhlhauser, Thomas, Unruh, Spier, Flemmer, Klundt, Blumhardt, Voegele, Winkler, and Wolff.

For many of the family histories, there is identification of the former German villages of South Russia and Bessarabia. Immigrant families to the Beulah area came primarily from the Beresan and Glückstal Lutheran and Catholic villages today near Odessa, Ukraine; Crimea in Ukraine, and Bessarabia.

Village names include: Alt Friedental, Alt Arzis, Bishterick, Hoffnungstal, Glueckstal, Johannestal, Kronental, Leipzig, Lichtental, Odessa, Peterstal, Rohrbach, Selz, and Waterloo. Many of the families identify the name of Krem or Crimea. Immigrant families identify Tripp, Eureka and Freeman, South Dakota, where their ancestors first lived before settling in the Beulah area.

Beulah, North Dakota: Golden Anniversary, 1914 - 1964

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