Bowdle Quasi: On Track to the Future, June 23-26, 2011

Bowdle Quasi Book Committee. Bowdle, South Dakota, 2011, 266 pages, softcover.

The Table of Contents includes: Quasi info, Bowdle and South Dakota History, Bowdle Centennial, 75th Diamond Jubilee, Business Section, Destruction of Old Businesses, Protection, Healthcare, The Good Old Days, Military, Churches, Bowdle Poem/ Star Route Driver, Agriculture/ Weather, Community Services, South Dakota Centennial, Snow Queens and Other Queens, Homes and Baby Boom, Sports, Millenium, School Section, Century Citizens, Iron Crosses, Family Histories, Quasi Committees, Quasi Schedule, Living in 1902/ 2011 and You might be a farmer if, and Old Bowdle Photos.

The Family Histories section for pages 127 to 259 includes these family names: Aldinger, Anderson, Bachman, Banik, Beadle, Beitelspacher, Bensen, Bieber, Birchem, Bishop, Blumhardt, Bobby, Bollinger, Bonen, Boschee, Brandt, Brenneise, Brockel, Brown, Buechler, Carlson, Dangel, Dewald, Doerr, Dumdie, Eisenbeisz, Erbe, Erlenbusch, Fiedler, Fischer, Fix, Frankfurth, Franklin, Gauer, Geier, Gisi, Goetz, Gramm, Greger, Grismer, Gross, Gruebele, Gullerud, Haar, Haberer, Hagele, Ham, Hansen, Heilman, Heinrich, Hoerner, Hoffman, Huber, Holsworth, Huft, Jackson, Jacobs, Johnson, Kaiser, Karst, Kempf, Kennedy, Kiesz, Knecht, Koester, Kurle, Kusler, Larson, Lassle, Lee, Lemke, Leidholt, Leno, Lickfelt, Lien, Lloyd, Martin, Mccarlson, Mertz, Merkel, Miller, Nickolas, Nies, Oster, Osterday, Pietz, Peterman, Preszler, Radar, Riba, Richey, Robinson. Rohrbach, Sandmeier, Sauer, Schaible, Schilling, Schimidt, Schlecht, Schlepp, Schmierer, Schnaible, Schneider, Schock, Schuh, Schumacher, Sebert, Senger, Spiry, Stangl, Stephan, Stotz, Strouckel, Thomas, Timm, Treichel, Turner, Vandermartin, Vetch, Voller, Waltman, Walz, Weiszhaar, White, Willt, Wipf, Wolff, and Zimmer.

The Cleaning Crew in Braufman’s Store, Bowdle, SD.
St. Augustine’s Church, Bowdle, SD.

Bowdle Quasi: On Track to the Future, June 23-26 2011

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