Turtle Lake, North Dakota Centennial: 1905 - 2005

Turtle Lake Centennial Book Committee, Turtle, Lake North Dakota, 2005, 572 pages, hardcover

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to make available this impressive centennial book of Turtle Lake in central North Dakota. The book includes community history, businesses, schools, listing of teachers and students, clubs and many historical photographs. There is a detailed index to the book.

The extensive Family Histories Section includes these family names: Bastian, Bauer, Bentz, Blumhagen, Bossert, Braun, Broeckel, Dieterle, Dockter, Eckman, Edinger, Engel, Erdmann, Faust, Fetzer, Fischer, Flemmer, Frey, Geigle, Goehring, Gessele, Grosz, Grueneich, Haas, Hauser, Heck, Heinle, Herring, Hetzler, Hochsprung, Hofer, Hoff, Hoffer, Keck, Kessler, Kiemele, Kittler, Klatt, Klein, Kline, Knippelberg, Knoblich, Knodel, Koehler, Korner, Kost, Kraft, Krein, Kubler, Kundert, Kusler, Levi, Meier, Miller, Mittleider, Mueller, Nathan, Neiffer, Neuharth, Neumiller, Presser, Rath, Rauhauser, Rauser, Rittenbach, Sackman, Sayler, Schacher, Schadler, Schaefer, Schauer, Schilling, Schlafmann, Schlaht, Schlichenmayer, Schmidt, Schock, Schumacher, Snyder, Stadler, Stradlinger, Strobel, Wagner, Wahl, Walth, Waltz and Wolf.

This photo taken in 1919 is of Victor Westerlund's threshing machine which became stuck while moving about one-half mile west of the Postel farm near Mercer, ND.
This photo was taken in 1925 along old highway number 7 east of Turtle Lake. It pictures the crew of Peter Hanson's Construction Company as they were getting ready to move to a road construction job at Bowdon, ND.

Turtle Lake, North Dakota Centennial: 1905 - 2005

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