Danzig, North Dakota: 1906 - 2000: Gone But Not Forgotten

Compiled by Geneva Roth Olstad

Self published by Geneva Roth Olstad, Fargo, North Dakota, 2004, 313 pages, softcover

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this impressive book of Danzig, located near to Ashley and Wishek, McIntosh County, south central North Dakota. Immigrants who pioneered in the Danzig area came from South Russia including the Bessarabian and Black Sea German villages.

The author completed extensive research and gathered many photographs. Olstad includes these sections: "Danzig Buildings;" "Businesses" including historical information; "Choke Cherry Farm Brings Danzig Back to Life;" "Education" including listing of teachers and students from 1917 to 1955; "Religion" including names of parish members for these churches: Danzig German Baptist Church, Danzig Christ (Christus) Lutheran Church, Danzig Reformed Church, Salem Evangelical United Brethren Church.

The "Cemetery" section includes names, births and deaths for: Danzig Cemetery, Pudwill Cemetery, Danzig Baptist Cemetery and Salem E.U.B. Church Cemetery. The "Danzig News" section covers items from the Ashley Tribune and the Wishek Star from 1910 to 2000 including many printed obituaries.

The "Biographies" section with many photographs includes these family names: Baumann, Brinkman, Dockter, Donner, Eszlinger, George, Gohl, Groszhans, Helmer, Hetzler, Joachim, Kemmet, Martz, Merkel, Olstad, Pudwill, Roth, Salzer, Stroh, Walz, Weber and Wolff.

Finally, the "Danzig Memories" stories from former residents and photographs.

About the Author

Geneva Roth Olstad, writes: "I am writing this history of my hometown, Danzig, North Dakota, simply because I do not want it to be forgotten. When I was born in 1944 on a farm just north of town, most of the businesses in Danzig had already disappeared. I remember attending a Christmas program at the Salem Evangelical Church. My love of books probably started in the Danzig grade school where a library with about 100 books, which I had read and re-read many times, always made me want more. It is said that you can never go back home again, but I don't believe this. As the golden years are approaching and I go back through the streets of Danzig and by the farm where I grew up, I am still going home and I can still hear my Mother saying, "Buss Uff," "Be Careful!" The roots are deep. No matter where my remaining years take me, a little piece of my heart will always be in Danzig, North Dakota."

The John Hetzler family home and barn in Danzig. The home was built in 1916. The elevator is in the background .
Main street of Danzig.
Danzig School District 3, in the village of Danzig. Children doing the May Pole Dance which was a popular celebration.
Danzig School District 28, school number 3, in the village of Danzig. Photo taken sometime between 1911 and 1914 with one room school house.

Danzig, North Dakota: 1906 - 2000

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