Who Dealt This Mess?

By Pat Galvin

Designed, edited and published by Jo Ann B. Winistorfer

Quality Printing, Bismarck, North Dakota, 2009, 293 pages, Softcover.

The farm where Pat Galvin was born located six miles from Foxholm, North Dakota.
Ned and Olive Phillips Galvin, parents of Pat Galvin.

Jo Ann Winistorfer, editor for this book, writes: "We hope you enjoy reading Who Dealt This Mess?, the story of an ordinary life as recalled by an ordinary guy over an extraordinary lifetime stretching back to 1925. Pat's tales of his adventures in the service run the gamut from herding a fellow Air Force recruit (alias Mortimer Snerd) on the way to boot camp in Texas, to observing Sgt. Gardners's unorthodox method of unplugging a toilet at the Radar Base south of Minot."

"Over the years, Pat has worn many hats: that of farmer, fireman, salesman, artist, sculptor, airman, barber, husband, father, grandfather, state representatives, carpenters, home decorator, sailboat skipper - and now, author! But under each brim has lurked a wry sense of humor and a knack for writing that reveal themselves in this book."

The author writes: "Writing this book has been a much bigger challenge that I had anticipated, and I know I could not have done it without my very talented editor, Joa Ann Winistorfer."

Pat Galvin, author.

Galvin takes the reader from his humble birth on a north central North Dakota farm near Minot just before the Great Depression, to his life as a fireman in Minot, to his adventures in the Air Force, to his marriage and move to Hazen, to his role as a husband and father, to his years as a North Dakota state representative, to his family's many vacations -- including a dream trip to Ireland, land of his roots, and finally to his life along Lake Sakakawea at Pick City. He shares about Father Anthony Kopp who was pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Church at Foxholm in the 1930s. His writing about Father Kopp is most interesting. GRHC has published the book, Memoirs of Father Anthony Kopp.


Who Dealt This Mess?

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