Steele, North Dakota: Diamond Jubilee, 1881 - 1956

Steele Diamond Jubilee Book Committee, Steele, North Dakota, 1956, 304 pages, softcover

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this diamond jubilee book of Steele in central North Dakota. The book includes extensive community, church, school, business and organization historical information including many photographs.

For researchers, the "Family History Section" includes these German family names: Albrecht, Argent, Baer, DeKrey, Dewitz, Dockter, Fischer, Gebhard, Goettertz, Grekoff, Hasse, Heinze, Huested, Hochhalter, Hoffer, Holtz, Hornung, Huhncke, Hurd, Janke, Kautt, Keim, Kelsch, Klatt, Koester, Kress, Lang, Lein, Liessman, Lindekugel, Lipper, Loerch, Kerkel, Miller, Mullen, Nagel, Ness, Neubauer, Orner, Preszler, Remmich, Sackman, Schenk, Schindler, Schrader, Schwartz, Spangler, Thomas, Uglem, Wagner, Wehlitz, Werner andWoessner.

These families immigrated to the Steele and Kidder County area from former Black Sea German villages of South Russia, today near Odessa, Ukraine.

Steele's second school building occupied in September, 1913.
Steele's Presbyterian Working Club in 1900. All names identified with photo caption in book.

Steele main street in 1910.

Steele school children in 1902. All names identified with photo caption in book.

Steele, North Dakota: Diamond Jubilee, 1881 - 1956

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