Saints Peter and Paul Parish Golden Jubilee Book

Edited by Father Matthew Fettig

The Parish, Strasburg, North Dakota, 1948, 200 pages, softcover.

For additional information about Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church and Strasburg, North Dakota, consult the following sources: 1) A Brief History Of The Peope And Parish of Saints Peter and Pual Church, Strasburg, ND, 1989; 2) As We Reminisce: Strasburg, Emmons County, North Dakota, 1967; 3) Moments to Remember, 1976; 4) Strasburg's Historic Church, North Dakota Horizons, Winter, 1997; 5) Saints Peter and Paul's Parish Centennial Book 1889 - 1989: Strasburg, North Dakota, 1989.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide one of North Dakota's most valuable church and parish histories for the Germans from Russia community. Father Matthew Fettig, the book's editor and a member of Assumption Abbey, Richardton, ND, was Assistant Pastor at Strasburg.

Important sections this parish history include: "When the name German Russians;" "The First Trail-Blazers" of five dashing young single men immigrate in 1888 to Strasburg from Strassburg, South Russia; "The Second Group of Settlers" including eleven families who arrived at Strasburg in 1889; "The First Agricultural Endeavors & Disappointments;" "The First Church;" "Golden Jubilarians;" "Families of the Parish 1947-1948;" and "The City of Strasburg." There are many photographs throughout the book including pioneer families.

The pioneers who built the beautiful Rhenish-style church at Strasburg immigrated from the Catholic Black Sea German village of Strassburg, Kutschurgan District, South Russia (today named Kutschurgan located near Odessa, Ukraine and the Moldovan border).

The Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church is featured in the book Magnificent Churches on the Prairie: A Story of Immigrant Priests, Builders and Homesteaders, published by the Institute for Regional Studies, North Dakota State University, Fargo, 1996.

The Church published in 1989 Saints Peter and Paul's Parish Centennial Book 1889 - 1989: Strasburg, North Dakota. Other books about Strasburg include As We Reminisce: Strasburg, Emmons County, North Dakota (1967) and Moments to Remember (1976), both edited by Michael M. Miller.

An old wedding scene in front of the Strasburg Opera House, date not given.
Lawrence Schwab Farm, west of Strasburg, 1912.
Interior of Saints Peter and Paul Church, 1948.
The first businessmen in Strasburg: Top row (L-R): Damian Lauinger, Michael Baumgartner and J.J Baumgartner; Front row (L-R): Jacob Feist and Egidi Keller.

Saints Peter and Paul Golden Jubilee Book

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