Flasher, ND Centennial: 1902 - 2002

Compiled by Centennial Book Committee, Flasher, North Dakota, 2001, 498 pages, hardcover

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to announce publication of the book, Flasher, ND Centennial: 1902 - 2002. The book is well organized, has many photographs, and includes these sections: "History of Flasher;" "Doctors and Hospitals of the Past;" "Newspapers;" "Businesses;" "Churches;" "Organizations;" "History of the Surrounding Area Towns;" "Flasher at a Glance;" "History of Shields;" "Shields Family Histories;" "Morton County Townships;" and "Grand County Townships."

The "Flasher Family History" section for pages 71 to 371 in order by family name covers a major part of the book. Many of the families in the Flasher area immigrated from the former Black Sea German Catholic villages of the Beresan District, South Russia, today near Odessa, Ukraine, as well as Bessarabia, today part of Ukraine and Moldova.

The Flasher family names with German-Russian ancestry include: Albrecht, Babel, Bachmeier, Ballinger, Banning, Barth, Becker, Beckerdite, Berger, Bernhardt, Beuhler, Boeshans, Bohl, Bollinger, Braun, Breiner, Brilz, Deichert, Delzer, Doll, Dressler, Eckroth, Erhardt, Fergel, Fitterer, Fleck, Frank, Frederick, Friesz, Frohlich, Gerhardt, Gustin, Harsche, Heinle, Himmelspach, Hintz, Hoff, Hoffman, Hopfauf, Jangula, Jochim, Keller, Klein, Knoll, Koch, Kopp, Kraft, Krause, Krebs, Kreutz, Kronberger, Kuhn, Kuntz, Leingang, Loeb, Mahrer, Malm, Messer, Meyer, Mildenberger, Miller, Nagel, Paul, Peters, Pfau, Phelps, Reinke, Richter, Riehl, Ripplinger, Ritz, Roll, Roth, Schafer, Schaff, Schantz, Schick, Schlosser, Schmidt, Scholl, Schwartz, Sehn, Schreiner, Spielman, Stegmiller, Stockert, Ternes, Thomas, Vetter, Vogel, Wagner, and Wenger.

The "Morton County Township" maps on pages 427 to 471 is a valuable addition to the book.

Early day of east side of main street in Flasher, circa 1914.
Bindering in the 1940s with Joe Hoff (in back) and Ted Gustin (driving).
Flasher school house.
Homeseekers in front of Flasher Hotel in 1905.


Railroad grading being built into Flasher prior to 1910.
Homestead rock buildings of Sebastion Hopfauf built in 1904 still standing in 2001.

Flasher, ND Centennial: 1902 - 2002

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