Fredonia, North Dakota Golden Jubilee: 1904 - 1954

Fredonia Golden Jubilee Committee, Fredonia, North Dakota, 1954, 164 pages, softcover

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this valuable book of the Golden Jubilee of Fredonia, in south central North Dakota heavily populated with Germans from Russia.

The book includes a "History of Fredonia" with photographs of the co-founders George Gackle and Peter Billgmeier. There are many family, business, churches, sodhouses, farms, schools, and historic photographs throughout the book.

Most valuable is the section, "Histories of the 1st Families in Fredonia" with the first being the Gottlieb Gieser family. Family names include: Bender, Billigmeier, Blumhardt, Brost, Burekle, Dallman, Dittus, Dobler, Durr, Ensslen, Eslinger, Eszlinger, Fehling, Fercho, Fey, Flaig, Friederich, Fuch, Geiszler, Goehring, Grenz, Graff, Grosz, Gutschmidt, Haag, Hauff, Hehr, Heller, Hiller, Hillius, Hoffman, Janke, Jerke, Jonas, Ketterling, Kinzler, Kleingartner, Koenig, Kosanke, Krueger, Kurtz, Kusler, LaBrenz, Lautt, Meidinger, Miller, Moldenhauer, Moos, Munsch, Netz, Nitschke, Oelke, Orth, Ost, Pressler, Radtke, Rasch, Reich, Remien, Riebhagen, Rudolf, Ruff, Schlecht, Schlect, Schuldeisz, Schultz, Serr, Suko, Sukut, Tiede, Weispfenning, Widmer, Wittmayer, and Wolf. These family biographies identify immigration from former German villages of South Russia and Bessarabia.

Fredonia Band
First Berlin Baptist Church
Typical scene of pioneering
Main street of Fredonia looking south in 1909
Mud house built in the 1880s by Friederich Gieszler
Lumber business at Fredonia in 1911

Fredonia, North Dakota Golden Jubilee: 1904 - 1954

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