Gackle Diamond Jubilee: 1904 - 1979, Gackle, North Dakota

Gackle Diamond Jubilee Committee, Gackle, North Dakota, 1979, 333 pages, hardcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to make available the Diamond Jubilee book of Gackle, North Dakota. The book contains two sections. In the first section, Gackle's Golden Jubilee book published in 1954 is reprinted and includes 162 pages. This section is of much interest containing many family biographies of German-Russian ancestry from Bessarabia and from the Black Sea, Beresan, Glueckstal, and Liebental District villages, South Russia (today near Odessa, Ukraine). An index of family names is included. The "Development of Gackle" and "Chronology of Dates" provides valuable historical information. There is a very interesting story of the co-founders of Gackle: George Elhard and George Gackle, both German-Russian immigrants to North Dakota.

The second section of the book includes 171 pages for the 1979 Gackle Diamond Jubilee. Again there are many family biographies, community, historical, and individual photographs.

Family names include: Bender, Bentz, Borth, Brosz, Fischer, Geigle, Geinger, Geiszler, Haas, Hehn, Heinrich, Herman, Hummel, Janke, Kinzler, Klundt, Knecht, Kroll, Lang, Lehr, Maier, Meyer, Moos, Muller, Neumann, Presler, Rath, Remboldt, Reule, Rivinius, Rott, Ruff, Schlenker, Schmidt, Schott, Schweigert, Sommerfeld, Speidel, Thurn, Veil, Werne, Wolff, Zenker, and Zimmerman.

First school at Gackle, ND

Steam Threshing Machine near Gackle, ND

Gackle Diamond Jubilee 1904 - 1979

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