Prairies & People: Gackle, North Dakota, 1904 - 2004

Gackle Centennial Book Committee, Gackle, North Dakota, 2004, 360 pages, hardcover

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this important centennial book of Gackle, Logan County, south central North Dakota. Many families immigrated to the Gackle area from Bessarabia and from the Glückstal District villages of South Russia, today near Odessa, Ukraine.

The book includes a history of Gackle including the headline news from 1979 to 2004 taken from the Tri-County News, compiled by Marilyn Enzminger. In the school section there is a listing of all staff and graduates from 1923 to 2004. There are photographs from Gackle's Diamond Jubilee in 1979, 1980s to 2004 and businesses. The "Gackle Churches and Gackle Cemeteries" with photographs includes: Grace Baptist Church, First United Church of Christ, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, St. Anne's Catholic Church, Church of God (Seventh Day) and Old Apostolic Lutheran Church. An important section is the listing of internments for the Gackle City Cemetery, Emmanuel Congregation Cemetery, Homola Cemetery, Neudorf Cemetery, Saari Cemetery and St. James Lutheran Cemetery.

The "Family Histories" section for pages 163 to 312 includes these last names: Ackerman, Babitzke, Baer, Batsch, Beglau, Ben, Berge, Berlin, Blaskowsky, Brunnmeier, Buchholz, Buerkle, Burkle, Cink, Dahl, Denning, Deutscher, Dewald, Diede, Dittus, Dockter, Donat, Dorr, Duchscher, Eissinger, Elhard, Entzminger, Fiechtern, Fischer, Fish, Flaig, Fregien, Frey, Fries, Geinert, Geizler, Geohring, Gienger, Grenz, Groth, Gumke, Gums, Gutschmidt, Haut, Hehn, Heier, Heller, Henke, Henne, Herman, Hermann, Holmstrom, Hummel, Janke, Jenner, Jerke, Kaseman, Ketterling, Kinzler, Kleingartner, Klunde, Knecht, Koenig, Konrad, Krause, Krein, Krenzel, Krieger, Kun, LaBrenz, Lachenmeier, Lahr, Lang, Lehr, Letcher, Lunzman, Maier, Martin, Mayer, Meidinger, Mertz, Metzger, Meyer, Miller, Mittedlstadt, Moldenhauer, Moose, Morlock, Mueller, Muller, Neumann, Nitschke, Presler, Rankinen, Rasch, Remboldt, Rivinius, Rudolph, Ruff, Schaffer, Schaible, Schlaht, Schlecht, Schlenker, Schlittenhard, Schmidt, Schott, Schuldheisz, Schweitzer, Sommerfeld, Speidel, Suko, Wegner, Weispfenning, Wendel, Winterfeldt, Richter, Wolff, Zenker, Zillner, Zimmerman and Zwinger.

Photographs from Prairies & People: Gackle, North Dakota, 1904 - 2004

Gackle main street.
Gackle cemetery.
Neudorf cemetery.
Old Apostolic Lutheran Church located ten miles south of Gackle.

Prairies & People

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