Hague Area Book II: The Past 100 Years and Its People

By Katie Glatt Wald

Hague, North Dakota, 1989, 424 pages, softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this important book about the community of Hague, Emmons County, in south-central North Dakota. The Hague area was settled by many immigrants by Catholic Black Sea Germans of the Kutschurgan District villages, South Russia, today located near Odessa, Ukraine.

Katie Glatt Wald is also the author of the book History of St. Mary's Catholic Church and the Town of Hague, North Dakota, and the family history The Wanglers: 1879 - 1990.

The Introduction includes: "The lifestyles, struggles, and hardships endured by our forefathers has become of major interest to me in recent years...To depict the lives of the people who settled in the community, I've taken it up myself to write this book consisting of family histories, and local and state history. The book includes many photographs and a section called "Image of Dakota Territory."

The "Family Histories" section includes German-Russian family names including: Bauer, Baumgartner, Baumstarck, Bosch, Eberle, Feist, Fischer, Frison, Gabriel, Geffre, Glatt, Goldade, Grosz, Hartze, Hauer, Heier, Heilman, Hieb, Hilt, Hulm, Hummel, Johs, Jundt, Keller, Knoll, Kocher, Krumm, Lipp, Lutz, Malsom, Marquardt, Materi, Meier, Mitzel, Mosser, Neis, Pfeifer, Sahli, Schall, Scherr, Schmaltz, Schmidt, Schumacher, Schweitzer, Senger, Tschosik, Vetter, Volk, Wald, Weigel, Weisbeck, Werlinger, Wolf, and Zahn.

Hague Area Book II

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