Herreid Centennial History Book: 1901 - 2001

Centennial History Book Committee, Herreid, South Dakota, 404 pages, 2001, hardcover

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide the centennial book of Herreid, Campbell County, in north-central South Dakota. Some information including history, stories and pictures are repeated from the 50th and 75th history books of Herreid.

The book includes: many historical photographs; a history with maps of Herreid and Campbell County; early farming in the Herreid area; the Homestead Act of 1862; church histories, and many other sections.

The Family Histories section covers pages 191 to 388 including these German-Russian names: Ackerman, Bauer, Bauman, Beck, Bentz, Berndt, Bickel, Biel, Bollinger, Brandner, Braun, Dalke, Deibert, Erlenbush, Feist, Fischer, Fuehrer, Goehring, Haefner, Hagel, Heinle, Heisler, Hepperle, Hilt, Hoerth, Hofer, Huber, Isaak, Joachim, Kiemele, Klaudt, Klein, Kost, Kusler, Lang, Martel, Mittleider, Mitzel, Nolz, Ochsner, Perman, Pfeifle, Renz, Riedlinger, Rueb, Sattler, Sayler, Schaefbauer, Sailer, Schmidt, Schuetzle, Schumacher, Schwartz, Schweigert, Seibel, Seiler, Suess, Tschritter, Volk, Weisbeck, Wenz, Wiest, and Wolf.

Frank Brummand, Herreid's first mayor, built the town's first lumberyard in 1901.
The 4th of July celebrations were major events in Herreid's early days.
A threshing crew near Herreid.
Picture taken behind the Siegele Saloon, probably during the 4th of July celebration.

Herreid Centennial History Book

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