Letter from Eileen Arntz Hochhalter, Salem, Oregon

"Please mail to my cousin, Vernon Arntz in Tacoma, WA, a copy of Growing Up in North Dakota. Vernon was one of the many Arntz cousins who grew up in Burnstad, ND. The book is a rich history of our lives in the early years. I was fascinated and thrilled to read this wonderful, nostalgic reminiscence of life as it really was in our youth. The wonderfully accurate descriptions and detail of family names, towns, roads, locations, and situations are all so familiar. The book is truly a tribute to Dr. Philo Pritzkau's family, as well as all the early settlers."

"My husband's father, Rudolph Hochhalter, was born in South Russia near Odessa. His parents were Protestant moving to America when Rudolph was three years of age. They lived in Streeter, ND and farmed near Wishek, ND."

"My family migrated to North Dakota from Wisconsin later in the 1800s. Theodore John Arntz Sr. married Anna Legge. There were thirteen children farming and residing in Burnstad, ND and the family was Catholic. Burnstad no longer exists but it was lively. We danced a lot, worked hard, and played hard in Burnstad!"

"Thank you for all you do to preserve, restore, renew our ethnic Germans from Russia heritage."

Letter reprinted with permission of Eileen Arntz Hochhalter to Michael M. Miller. January 10, 1998, Salem, Oregon

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