North Dakota Immigrants: Coming to America

By Joseph L. Gavett

Wexford College Press, Palm Springs, California, 2007, 307 pages, softcover

Throughout North Dakota Immigrants, the author endeavors to provide the reader with a wealth of detail to accurately descirbe all that the emigrants went throught in their quest to reach North Dakota, and to make a home for their family in the Flicktail State. The author utilizes so much detail throughout the novel that readers will come away with a feeling as if they know each family.

For anyone who has an interest in the history of immigrations to the United States and North Dakota, or who just loves history, North Dakota Immigrants: Coming to America is the book for them.

North Dakota immigrants include: Abraham and Neta Youngquist, John and Alida Freburg, William and Hilma Cross, John and Alma Yunker, Hans, Gusta, and Otto Tveter, Jens and Inger Langedahl, Konrad and Sophia Feickert, Anna Teresa McGarry, Edvart and Anna Hanson, The Holen Family, Nicholas and Anna Zuzulin, and  William Allan and Evangleine Tompkins.

The book includes "Sources and Contributors" "Picture Credits" and a detailed index.

North Dakota Immigrants: Coming to America

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