Java, South Dakota: Centennial Memories, 1900-2000

Centennial Book Committee, Java, South Dakota, 2000, 373 pages, hardcover

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide the Java, South Dakota, centennial book which has been very well prepared including many historical and current photographs of the community and families.

The "Homesteaders" section includes these articles with many valuable photos: "Before Java was a Town" by Herbert Geigle; and "The Advent of Java" including chronology, by LeRoy C. Bender.

The "Family Histories" section of pages 91 to 334 is of great value to the family researcher, especially since many of the ancestral villages of South Russia are identified including the Glueckstal District villages and Bessarabia. Some of the German-Russian names include: Aman, Bauer, Bauman, Bender, Bieber, Biel, Boehler, Fiechtner, Fiedler, Geigle, Goetz, Haux, Hirsch, Hochstatter, Krause, Kurle, Lutz, Mittleider, Moser, Mueller, Naasz, Nusz, Ochszner, Oster, Perman, Pfitzer, Pleinis, Rau, Rosin, Sandmeier, Sauer, Schafer, Schlaht, Schlepp, Schmeichel, Schnaible, Schneider, Schreter, Schuh, Sieler, Sonnenfeld, Stadel, Stangl, Stiegelmeier, Teske, Wahl, Wolf, Wolff, Zeller, and Zweigardt. There is a detailed "Family History Index."

The "A Place Called Home" includes these articles: "A Pioneer Tells of Early Days" by Fred G. Bauman; "Remembrance" by Fred G. and Rosina Bauman; "Pete Frazier, Shrewd Horsetrader" by Freida Schuh; "Woolworth County, South Dakota: Java" by Jacob Aman; "An Interesting Story" by Philip Spiry Sr.; "Memories of the Jacob Stiegelmeier Family" by Ben and Emma Stiegelmeier; "Stale Popcorn and 15-Cent Movies" and "Sunrise Dance, A Harvest Time Tradition" by Marv Hoffer; "Saturday Night in Town" by Herbert Geigle; "New Land and Memories" by Reuben Aman; and "Tales of Early Java" by Hessel Dyk.

Historical photo of Java, South Dakota.
The trappers are unidentified, but the auto is a Maxwell. John H. Wolf was the Maxwell dealer at Java, SD, in 1916.
Java, SD, schoolhouse from 1903 to 1921.
A rural church with a thatched roof, believed to be a Seventh Day Adventist Church that was north of Java. At far right is Jacob J. Aman. Other members of the Aman family are pictured, but not identified. Photo courtesy of Delila Biel.

Java, South Dakota: Centennial Memories, 1900-2000

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