Kintyre, North Dakota: 100 Years, 1904 - 2004

Kintrye Centennial Book Committee, Kintrye, North Dakota, 2004, 368 pages, hardcover

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this important centennial book of Kintrye, Emmons County, south central North Dakota.

The book includes a history of Kintrye including historical photographs, railroads, post office, agriculture, businesses and weather. The "Churches" section with photographs includes: Zion Lutheran Church, Presbyterian Church, The Finnish Independent Lutheran Congregation, Maria Lutheran Church, Klepp Church and St. Boniface Catholic Church. The cemeteries with internments are included: Kintyre Cemetery, Finnish Evangelical Lutheran, Zion Menighed changed to Tell Cemetery and St. Boniface Cemetery, Maria Lutheran Cemetery.

The St. Boniface Catholic Church still today has members primarily of German Russian heritage. Their families immigrated from the Catholic Kutschurgan villages today near Odessa, Ukraine.

The "School" section provides detailed information students and teachers.

The "Family Histories" section includes these last names with German-Russian heritage: Becker, Biegler, Brandner, Braun, Buechler, Doll, Friestad, Graf, Gross, Herz, Huber, Kuhn, Kuntz, Leier, Lipp, Lippert, Meidinger, Mertz, Moch, Mock, Reis, Retzlaff, Roth, Schmidt, Schneider, Schulz, Schumacher, Schwartz, Sperle, Spitzer, Wangler, Weigel, Werre, Wolf and Wolfe.

Kintyre, North Dakota: 100 Years, 1904 - 2004

Kintrye's main street.
The stone house which Peter Levin constructed on his homestead.
St. Boniface Catholic Church.
St Boniface Cemetery.

Kintyre, North Dakota: 100 Years, 1904 - 2004

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