Others Need Credit too

"Others Need Credit too." Aberdeen American News, July 2005.

On June 26, Gerry Kruger wrote an article "Remembering past enhances present, future" concerning the book that was published about the cemeteries in McPherson County. He gave me praise for the work but I need to share that praise with two other key individuals who worked just as hard on this project as I did. Selma Lapp, Eureka SD and Keenan L Stoecker, Leola SD provided the data, did the key research and took the photos contained in the book. At times, they had to interview people to learn more about some of the details not found via other sources. I provided the photo postcards, generated the maps, indexes and compiled the book and sought out a publisher for the book. The "wherewithal" came from the three of us with help from others in (or previously from) McPherson County and we thank them all for their assistance.

This project took over six years of effort and has sold well since first published in July 2005. It will be reprinted a second time later this month according to the publisher, NDSU, and was recently updated with more information we obtained.

I would encourage others from various counties to consider such a project before some of the more isolated cemeteries are forgotten forever. The work has been a labor of love, remembrance and respect for our forefathers who had the courage to come to this great country and endure many hardships so that we can live in freedom.

If anyone has questions concerning the book or what it takes to do such a project, they can contact me at dstabler@bigfoot.com.

Respectfully Submitted,

Duane Stabler
Savage, Minnesota

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