Memories: 100 Years 1905 - 2005: Mercer, North Dakota

Mercer Centennial Committee, Mercer, North Dakota, 2005, 432 pages, hardcover

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide the Mercer Centennial book.

Sections include: "Mercer, ND: before their was even a town;" "Mercer in the beginning;" "Homesteaders;" "Nels Olesen;" "Early businesses;" "Churches and cemeteries;" "Mercer Schools District;" "Organizations past and present;" "Mercer and the military;" "Farming then and now;" "Present businesses;" "Brush Lake;" "Mercer reminiscences;" and other sections.

The "Family Histories" section is a major part of this book and includes these German family names: Bauer, Beierle, Bender, Blatter, Bonnett, Bossert, Braun, Diede, Dockter, Eckmann, Eichelt, Fandrick, Fettig, Fink, Finkelmeyer, Fischer, Flemmer, Forderer, Gaub, Geiger, Gessele, Graf, Grosz, Hausauer, Heid, Heim, Hinsz, Hofer, Isaak, Jans, Just, Keller, Ketterling, Kittler, Klaudt, Kleingartner, Kline, Kluck, Kurle, Laib, Leupp, Levi, Littke, Marzolf, Miller, Mohrbacher, Neff, Neumiller, Presser, Rath, Rauser, Rennich, Reuer, Richter, Rust, Sackmann, Sachman, Sahr, Seiler, Schatz, Schell, Schilling, Schlafman, Schlafmann, Schlaht, Schmitt, Schoell, Seibold, Singer, Steckler, Stelter, Stradinger, Strobel, Thurn, Volk, Vossler, Wagner, Wahl, Wall, Wanner, Weisz, Wiest, Wolf and Zinke. An index of family names is included.

Ford arrival for Hedhal's Garage, Mercer. The building at the right is the pool hall with a barber chair and cafe.
Case 80-horse steamer Case threshing machine. (From the Christianson collection)
Chris Stradinger and John Ketterling (in wheelbarrow). Circa 1910. (Courtesy of the Richard Ketterling collection)
A homesteader shack, a dwelling place for the family and their livestock. Circa 1910.

Memories: 100 Years 1905 - 2005: Mercer, North Dakota

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