Moments to Remember

Compiled by Michael M. Miller, Strasburg Schools Alumni Association, Strasburg, North Dakota, 1976, softcover, 176 pages.

The book includes: "Strasburg Happenings" from 1917 to 1949 taken from the Strasburg columns in the Emmons County Record; "The Ursuline Sisters 1910 - 1943;" "The School Sisters of Notre Dame;" high school graduate listings; and extensive historic photographs. Lawrence Welk is featured as a graduation speaker in 1976.

For additional information about Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church and Strasburg, North Dakota, consult the following sources: 1) A Brief History Of The Peope And Parish of Saints Peter and Pual Church, Strasburg, ND, 1989; 2) As We Reminisce: Strasburg, Emmons County, North Dakota, 1967; 3) Saints Peter and Paul Parish Golden Jubilee Book, 1948; 4) Strasburg's Historic Church, North Dakota Horizons, Winter, 1997; 5) Saints Peter and Paul's Parish Centennial Book 1889 - 1989: Strasburg, North Dakota, 1989.

Moments to Remember

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