Ashley Diamond Jubilee: 75 Years of Progress: 1888 - 1963

Max A. Wishek, Chairman, Diamond Jubilee Historical Book Committee
Richtman's Printing, Fargo, North Dakota, 1963, 272 pages, hardcover

Nina Farley Wishek's poem The Pioneer Mother from the book Rose Berries in Autumn, introduces the dedication. The German pioneers are saluted in their migrations with hardships and deep faith in "Who Are They?" as chronicled by Pastor T.R. Baudler, Eureka, South Dakota, attempting to provide missing ethnic history belonging to those early prairie pioneers from South Russia (today Ukraine).

A historical summary by George Lilly and John Wishek describes early beginnings and established land office, "How McIntosh County Actually Started," with photos of county officials, business histories, social societies, public education, fire and rescue, hospital and medical center, park district, agricultural fair, agricultural education extension and crop production quotas, water and soil conservation, farm credit finance, postal service, military fraternities, Christian ministerial, church histories, and the centennial's "Brothers of the Brush."

City histories of Lehr, Venturia, Wishek, and Zeeland precede family histories: Wishek, Sackman, Bender, Bertsch, Kaul, Kretschmar, Gruenich, Whittmayer, Tschetter, Glaesmann, Pfeifle, Feil, Straub, Klipfel, Stroh, Gehring, Iszler, Woeszner, Kessel, Quaschnick, Salzer, Jenner, Drefs, Haupt, Meidinger, Rau, Dobler, Hagar, Isaac, Dickhoff, and Nitschke.

"In Years Gone by" has excerpts of happenings from the Ashley Tribune files, by Walter Froh. "Old Time Scenes" feature old threshing photographs. "Index" to Histories, "Index" to Advertisers, and "Index" to Biographies complete this publication.

The Old Land Office, Hoskins, 1884.
Early county school house in Kisselberry District taken in 1912.

Book review by Jay Gage, Exhibits Curator for the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection and the traveling exhibition, "The Kempf Family: Germans from Russia Weavers on the Dakota Prairies."

Ashley Diamond Jubilee: Ashley, North Dakota: 75 Years of Progress 1888 - 1963

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