Growing Up in New Leipzig: Family, Faith and Friends
By Dennis R. Dubs
Self-published, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 2010, 222 pages, Softcover.

The author writes in the Preface: "Over the years, I did conduct formal interviews with a number of individuals where I did record their answers with note taking. I did this simply to have information for my own benefit; I had no idea that I would someday use it in a book. Way back in the late 1970s, just a few years before her death in 1980, I interviewed my mother's aunt, Clara (Weller Buchwitz) Grosz, who gave me some insights into Weller lives when the family was still in Bessarabia. In 2009, some thirty years later, I interviewed (by phone) Gertrude Robinson, an 85 year-old lady, who was the granddaughter of Karl Kuebler, who was my Grandfather Dubs' uncle. I also interviewed Emil Heim when he was in his 90s by writing out some questions that were then given to him by his daughter Shirley (Heim) Gruebele, who recorded his responses and sent them to me."
The chapters in the book include the following:
Chapter 1: Setting the Scene: The New Leipzig Community
Chapter 2: Mother’s Family: The Wellers - From the Steppes to the Prairie
Chapter 3: The Weller Siblings:; From (Old) Leipzig to New Leipzig
Chapter 4: Father’s Family: The Dugs’ – From the Crimea to the Cannonball
Chapter 5: The Dugs’ Siblings: From Immigration to Integration
Chapter 6: Early Life: Growing Up in the Rudy Dubs Family
Chapter 7: Teenage Years: Transition to Adulthood
Chapter 8: Adulthood: Conflict and Growth

Appendices: 2 CDs included at the end of the book including photographs.

A Threshing Crew on the Weller Family, circa 1914, photograph provided by Ethel Davenport and Irene Earhart.
Meat Market in New Leipzig, Otto and Rudolph Dubs.

Growing Up in New Leipzig: Family, Faith and Friends

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