The Peter Miller (Müller) Genealogy

Compiled by Michael M. Miller and Linda M. Haag

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, 2008, 271 softcover

The Peter Miller (Müller) Genealogy
Germans from Russia History
Church History of Blessed Trinity Catholic Church Krasna, ND
History and Photographs of Krasna, Bessarabia
Up to date Family Genealogy & Photographs
Over 130 pages of COLOR photos
Over 65 pages of genealogy

Family Genealogies of:

Egidius & Nathalia (Volk) Miller Family
Isidor, Helen, Adolph, Peter, Michael, Gabriel, Rufina, Bertha, and Agnes

Melchoir & Christina (Geisinger) Bachmeier Family
John, Elizabeth, Rofina, Angeline, Marie Eva, Martin, Jacob, Regina, Peter, Anton, and Leo

Martin & Elizabeth (Jahner) Miller Family
Christine, Peter, Odelia, Ludwig, Rose, Florence, and Pi

Wendelin & Natalie (Miller) Kramer Family
Ann, Cecelia, Pius, John, Jacob, Cecelia, Emil, Agnes, Eleanor, Balzer, Sybella, Philippine, Edmund, Peter, and Eugene

John & Angela (Miller) Silbernagel Family
Ottilia, Joseph, Cecelia, Rose Mary, Peter, John, Max, Adam, Alice, Felix, Philippine, Leopoldina, and Albert

Ludwig & Odelia (Miller) Kramer Family
Pius, Kathryn, Agnes, Leo, Edwin, Raymond, Rev. Peter, Orvin, Eli, Donald, and Albert

John & Rufina (Miller) Kopp Family
Margaret, Louise, Victor, Agnes, Giesela, Marie, and Joseph

Peter & Mary (Baumgartner) Miller Family
Oswald, Harold, Donald, Ramona, Pearl, and Michael

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The Peter Miller (Müller) Genealogy

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