Pioneers and Their Sons: One Hundred Family Histories, Volume I

By Monsignor George P. Aberle

Germans from Russia Heritage Society, Bismarck, North Dakota, 2008, 473 pages, softcover

Book review by Edna Boardman, Minot, North Dakota (

These two books contain essays that record the histories of individual families. They are a treasure trove for genealogists whose families settled in western North Dakota in the St. Joseph parish at Dickinson. Monsignor George Aberle is a conscientious workman. Beginning with individual men, he notes occupation, place of origin in Russia, a bit about their lives there, and their families coming to America. He continues, in each entry, with lots of family names, each man's parents, spouse(s), and children, and the name of the officiating clergyman and witnesses at each wedding. He notes the men's business and achievements and identifies some individual quality about each of them. He endeavors to set each family into its historical context. Finally, in each sketch, he records their politics, religion, and the size of their families.

Family names included in Volume II are the following:

John Andres, Sr., Matt Anheluk, William Anner, William Badinger, Raphael J. Berger, Mike Berger, John Berger, Peter Berger, Ernest P. Biel, Daniel V. Binek, Stephen P. Binek, Louie J. Binstock, John Boehm, Raph Boespflug, Joe A. Boespflug, Fred Wm. Braun, Fred Braxmeier, Peter C. Bullinger, John G. Dasovick, Joseph C. Dolajak, Frank Dolajak, Jr., Victor Dolajak, Mike Dolajak, Vincent Dolecheck, Ralph J. Ehli, Fred L. Faiman, Frank Faller,  William P. Faller, Peter Fischer, Willard Fisher, Melchior Fisher, Sebastian Frank ST., Frank Frank, Jr., Howard A. Freed, Paul Frenzel, Joseph P. Frenzel, Florian Frenzel, Mike Frenzel, Joseph Greff, Joe A. Grossman, John J. Gulka, Carl H. Gustafson, Paul E. Gustafson, Vincent Haff, John A. Harman, Leo Hartman, Jacob Hatzenbuehler, Leo, Hellman, Andy Heiser, Andrew P. Huschka, Frank Ihly, Joseph Illich, Adam Jordan, Jacob Kainz, Stephen E. Kainz, Joseph H. Kary, Theodore Kessel, Frank A. Kilwein, Joseph Klecker, John Klein, Jr., Adam Klug, Joseph J. Koffler, Henry W. Kostelecky, Robert C. Kostelecky, James V. Kubischta, Joseph A. Kubischta, Nick Kuntz, Frank V. Kuntz, George T. Lengowski, Ludwig Lenhardt, George Lisko, Joseph H. Maus, Tony Metz, Jack F. Miller, George F. Miller, Frank A. Mischel, Jerome Mischel, Steve Mosbrucker, Anton Muth, Peter Muth, Rudoph Olheiser, Mike Olheiser, Julius Praus, Jr., Tony J. Praus, Steve C. Raab, Philip Reisenauer, Lew Reiter, LeRoy Rixen, Carl J. Roshau, Nick Scheeler, Nick Schmaltz, Frank M. Schmidt, Carl J. Schwartz, Albert Sevela, Mike Smith, John Steckler, John Steier, John A. Sticka, Mike Sticka, John L. Sticka, Leo G. Stockert, Lawrence Thielen, John A. Wandler, John A. Wanner, Frank X. Wanner, John P. Wanner, Anton J. Wanner, John J. Wanner, Joseph J. Wanner, Nick M. Wanner, Jack J. Wanner, Philip J. Wanner, John Wanner, Jr., Peter J. Wanner, Christ Wock, Ben Wolbaum, Alex Wolf, Donald H. Wolf, and Anton L. Wolfe.

Pioneers and Their Sons

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