St. Gertrude's Parish: Raleigh, North Dakota: Golden Jubilee: 1913 - 1963

St. Gertrude's Golden Jubilee Committee, Raleigh, North Dakota, 100 pages, 1963, softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this valuable North Dakota 50th year golden jubilee publication of St. Gertrude's Catholic Church and Parish at Raleigh, Grant County, south-central North Dakota.

The book includes many historical photographs; a history of St. Gertrude's Parish; Saint Gertrude's High School; the religious of St. Gertrude's Parish; military; and a brief history of the Leahy Elementary School.

The "Old Timers" and present of St. Gertrude's Parish covers pages 12 to 32 and page 50 to 66 including these Germans from Russia family names: Bachmeier, Blotsky, Braun, Deichert, Dillman, Dirk, Dressler, Erker, Fergel, Grosz, Hersch, Ihli, Leintz, Loeb, Koch, Koenig, Kopp, Kuntz, Leintz, Loeb, Miller, Nagel, Paul, Rausch, Riehl, Roll, Schafbauer, Schafer, Sehn, Seiler, Ternes, Tishmack, Volk, Wagner, Wingenbach, and Zins.

The History of St. Gabriel's Mission on pages 33 to 38 including these families: Bachmeier, Harsch, Kahl, Klein, Koch, Kraft, and Tishmack. The History of St. Vincent's Mission appears on pages 39 to including families: Erker, Gross, Hintz, Kuntz, Ruschinsky, Schaff, Vetter, and Wingenbach.

Father Bernard Strassmeyer.
Communion class in front of St. Gabriel's Church.
Wedding group in front of St. Gabriel's Church of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Fergel. Left to right: Mrs. Benedict Dirk, Henry Harsch, Dayo Loeb, Mrs. John Gross, Mrs. Reinhold Tishmack, Anton Volk with the accordion, Mrs. Frank Fergel, Ladslaus Bachmeier, - Best Man, Anton Bonogofsky, Phillip Dressler, Mrs. Arsenius Volk, Mrs. Hary Deichter, Mrs. Korbion Kahl and baby with Mrs. John Nagel. Group in front of Albinus Hintz sodhouse when St. Vincent's Church celebrated the 25 Diamond Jubilee of Father Amandus.

St. Gertrude's Parish Book

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