North Dakota: Simply Beautiful

Photograhy by Chuck Haney

Farcountry Press, Helena, Montana, 2001, 129 pages, hardcover

From the badlands to vast farm fields, Fargo to Medora - savor the combination of landforms, lifestyles, and environments that sit right at the center of North America.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this outstanding and award-winning pictorial book of North Dakota.

Within its 70,665 square miles, the state of North Dakota holds a blend of contrasts that photographer Chuck Haney presents in these color images. Baking summer days can begin with cool, dewy mornings; wide, placid rivers churn under cloudbursts; in a semi-arid climate, amazing badlands formations have been sculpted by water's ongoing attention; meadows of gently-shaded wildflowers spring up to replace surging snow drifts.

People, and few and friendly and hardy in this land, which exacts so much and also rewards so generously. Now, in this album, people everywhere can savor the beauties that North Dakotans have been enjoying all along.

North Dakota ranks first in the United States in sunflower production, supplying more than half the nation's sunflower seeds.

Loading harvested soybeans into a truck.

Wild prairie rose is North Dakota's state flower.

A bright prairie moon over Mercer County.

North Dakota: Simply Beautiful

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