Saints Peter and Paul's Parish Centennial Book 1889 - 1989: Strasburg, North Dakota

Education Committee, Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Strasburg, North Dakota, 1989, hardcover, 250 pages.

For additional information about Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church and Strasburg, North Dakota, consult the following sources: 1) A Brief History Of The Peope And Parish of Saints Peter and Pual Church, Strasburg, ND, 1989; 2) As We Reminisce: Strasburg, Emmons County, North Dakota, 1967; 3) Moments to Remember, 1976; 4) Strasburg's Historic Church, North Dakota Horizons, Winter, 1997; 5) Saints Peter and Paul Parish Golden Jubilee Book, 1948.

This centennial church book is an insightful contribution to North Dakota's religious history. The book includes many color photographs of this historic church on the National Register of Historic Sites. Sections include: "A Brief History of the People and Parish of Saints Peter and Paul;" "The Ursuline Sisters in Strasburg;" and School Sisters of Notre Dame Ministering in Strasburg from 1943 to 1988." The book includes well-known Strasburg musicians, The Bubbling Quintet, Mike Dosch and Lawrence Welk.

Saints Peter and Paul's Parish Centennial Book: 1889 - 1989

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