Saint Anselm Catholic Church of Fulda: 1901 - 2005


Written by Theresa B. Lange and Official Church Records, edited by Reverend Donald Leiphon, material provided by Nick Schall, Jr. and Family and Peter Mathern Family, Saint Anselm's Catholic Church, Fulda, North Dakota, 2005, 31 pages, softcover

This publication provides valuable historical information for Saint Anselm's Catholic Church, rural Fulda, Pierce County, north central North Dakota. The homesteaders who settled this area came primarily from the Catholic Black Sea German villages of Baden, Elsass, Kandel, Mannheim, Selz and Straßburg, Kutschurgan District, South Russia (today near Odessa, Ukraine).

German-Russian family names include: Albrecht, Axtman, Bachmeier, Bischoff, Black, Bohl, Bosch, Burkhard, Dosch, Goetz, Hoffert, Jaeger, Jundt, Keller, Koenig, Kuntz, Mathern, Schall, Schell, Schmaltz, Schneibel, Schwan, Voeller, Volk, Wangler, Welk and Wolf.

The publication provides primarily a summary clergy who have served Saint Anselm's Church as well as chronology of events beginning in 1897 to 2005. In 1897, the first Catholic Priest, Rev. Joseph Wilhelm, visited this area in the spring and offered Mass in the home of Egidi Koenig.

The Vincent Volk family donated eight acres of land for the church site. The first church was completed in 1901. The church was blessed by Bishop John Shanley in October of 1901 and given the name of the great Bishop of Canterbury, Saint Anselm. At that time, it was a mission attended from the Benedictine Abbey near Devils Lake, North Dakota.

There is no listing of births, deaths or marriages in this publication.

Saint Anselm Catholic Church, Fulda, North Dakota

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