St. Mary's Catholic Church 75th Anniversary Directory

St. Mary's Catholic Church, Aberdeen, South Dakota, 1978, softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to make available the St. Mary's Catholic Church 75th Anniversary Directory. The publication includes a section on the "History of Our Church" including photographs.

The "Family Directory" is very valuable including photographs of parish members with names and addresses. A majority of the families are of Black Sea ancestry from the Beresan and Kutschurgan District villages. Family names include Bauer, Biegler, Burgad, Dosch, Ell, Fischer, Gefre, Goldade, Gross, Hauck, Heier, Kessler, Klein, Kraft, Lacher, Lingor, Malsam, Mattern, Mitzel, Nikolas, Pfeifer, Piatz, Shali, Schaeffer, Schile, Schmidt, Schneider, Schumacher, Schwab, Schwan, Volk, Wangler, Weber, Weiger, Wolf, and Zerr.

In 1999, it is estimated that at least one-half of the St. Mary's Parish are of German-Russian heritage.

St. Mary's Catholic Church 75th Anniversary Directory

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