Strasburg Centennial Book: 1902 - 2002

Strasburg Centennial Book Committee, Strasburg, North Dakota, 2002, 276 pages.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this important centennial book of Strasburg, Emmons County, in south central North Dakota. Strasburg was founded by immigrants from the village of Strassburg, Kutschurgan District, South Russia (today the city of Kutschurgan, near Odessa, Ukraine).

The book includes these sections: "City of Strasburg;" "Early History;" "Churches;" "Schools;" "Senior Classes;" "Musicians;" "Businesses;" "Community Organizations;" "Memories and Interviews;" and "Family Histories."

The history section includes a "Brief History of the Germans from Russia" written by Michael M. Miller and "The Dutch in Emmons County." The section of "The First Trail-Blazers" tells the story of the first men to settle at Strasburg in the fall of 1888: Sebastian Bauman, Joseph Baumgartner, Joseph Burgad, Jacob Feist, and Joseph Kraft.

The church section provides valuable information of the "History of Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church and the Mission Church at Tiraspol," by Jerry Klein Jr. Tiraspol is located east of Strasburg, ND.

Many German-Russian families include these names: Bachmeier, Bauman, Baumgartner, Bernhardt, Bishop, Bosch, Braun, Brendel, Buechler, Burgad, Deringer, Dosch, Eckroth, Eiseman, Roehrich, Feist, Fischer, Fuhrer, Gabriel, Gefroh, Geigle, Getz, Giesinger, Glatt, Goldade, Gross, Hager, Heidrich, Herauf, Heyd, Holland, Holzer, Horner, Hulm, Hummel, Jangula, Keller, Kiefer, Klein, Kraft, Kramer, Krumm, Kuss, Lang, Lauinger, Lipp, Loehr, Marquart, Mastel, Materi, Mattern, Meier, Miller, Nagel, Neis, Pfeifer, Reiner, Reis, Roehrich, Roth, Schacht, Schaefbauer, Scherr, Schlosser, Schnabel, Schneider, Schreiner, Schwab, Schwengler, Selzler, Senger, Silvernagel, Streifel, Ternes, Tschosik, Vetter, Volk, Voller, Wagner, Wald, Weichel, Welk, Weninger, Wikenheiser, Wolf, and Zacher.

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Main street of Strasburg was lined with trees when this picture was taken prior to 1920.
Historic photo of Strasburg from a distance.
Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church with construction begun in 1910.
Strasburg's well known accordionist, Mike Dosch.
Fern (Renner) and Lawrence Welk with children (left to right): Donna, Larry Jr., and Shirley.
Ludwig and Christina (Schwan) Welk, parents of Lawrence Welk.

Strasburg Centennial History Book

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