Streeter, N.D. Diamond Jubilee: 1905 - 1980

Streeter Diamond Jubilee Historical Committee. Napoleon Homestead, Napoleon, North Dakota, 1980, 341 pages, hardcover.

In the Forward is stated: "Our Streeter Diamond Jubilee History Book includes the first 112 pages of the Golden Jubilee Book. These histories have been written to preserve our heritage for the future generations, who we hope will keep up their courage and faith in God to keep Streeter a friendly and progressive community."

The Dedication shares this message: "This book is dedicated to you pioneers who came to this an unbroken expanse of prairie with but a few white settlers...You came to this wind swept, treeless prairie...We salute you pioneers, for the hardships you have endured for the inspiration and courage you have given us, that we might cope with life's battles that confront us today."

The book includes many family histories and photographs as well as a detailed index of names.

Evangelical Lutheran Church, Glueckstal. The old church, built of sod taken from the virgin soil of the North Dakota prairies. Pastor H. Nagel was the pioneer missionary who served his faithful flock in the old sod church.

Early days of harvesting in the Streeter area.

Streeter Diamond Jubilee Book

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