Loons in the Kitchen: Humorous & Poignant Short Stories from the Dakotas

By Tony Bender

Published by Redhead Publishing, Ashley, North Dakota, 2000, 182 pages, softcover

ODIN (Online Dakota Information Network)

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to present this humorous book by Tony Bender, Ashley, ND, a native of Frederick, SD. He is the publisher of the Ashley Tribune and the Wishek Star. Bender's column has won seven North Dakota Newspaper Association first place awards since 1990.

Lynn Schroeder, publisher of the Cavalier Chronicle, Cavalier, ND, writes: "Tony's view of the world and the people in it is often unique. He has the wonderful ability to translate those views into stories that can make you laugh out loud or reflect in quiet silence. Tony's story-telling talent has been a welcome addition to our newspaper for many years. His columns are a constant source of compliments from our readers."

Allan Burke, publisher of the Emmons County Record, Linton, ND, writes: "To be sure, he is a humorist. His puckish wit, his satire and audacity have long had his readers laughing out loud. But Tony's ability to mesmerize readers with essays which touch on the losses in life is equally remarkable. As readers have laughed over the years with Bender, so have they shed tears. Tony's stories, his original style, are a distinct reflection of life on the prairie. Call him a humorist, a philosopher if you will. He is both. Tony Bender is a powerful new voice of the Dakotas."

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Loons in the Kitchen

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