North Dakota Unforgettable.

Farcountry Press, Helena, Montana, 2013, 120 pages, hardcover.

North Dakota Unforgettable showcases photographer Chuck Haney’s brilliant images, spanning nearly two decades of photographing North Dakota. From the earth-schorched badlands to the massive waters of Lake Sakakawea, Haney’s images display the true spirit and essence of the legendary state.

Known as one of the friendlies and safest states in the nation, North Dakota and its 70,000-plus square miles feature a wide range of landscapes, towns, and cities. The diversity of its natural scenery coupled with the true North Dakotan hospitality creates a truly unforgettable state.

Chuck Haney is a professional freelance photographer/writer based in beautiful Whitefish, Montana. Chuck travels extensively across the American West, Midwest, and Canada in pursuit of the finest and most intriguing images. His provocative use of natural light in his landscape work along with wildlife, birds, and outdoor sports images have drawn national acclaim and have landed him many assignment jobs and work with advertising campaigns. Chuck also has contributed to numerous sold-photographer calendars and has more than 150 magazine covers to his credit. He keeps busy by teaching a series of photography workshop classes across the country and attending to an expanding business of producing large fine art prints that grace many office walls and home interiors.

North Dakota Unforgettable

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