Spirit of Wishek Golden Jubilee: 1898 - 1948

Wishek Golden Jubilee Committee, Wishek, North Dakota, 1948, 185 pages, softcover.

The Germans from Russia Collection is pleased to provide a re-print of the 1948 Wishek Golden Jubilee book in cooperation with the Wishek Centennial Committee. An index of family names has been added to the book.

The book includes the detailed section, "History of Wishek;" "Church History;" local organizations, miliary service men, and the Wishek Public Schools.

German-Russian family biographies for pages 35 to 99 include: Ackermann, Aipperspach, Bader, Bauer, Boschee, Deyle, Diegel, Dockter, Doering, Donner, Eckman, Eisenbeis, Eissinger, Ernst, Fetzer, Foerderer, Frank, Frey, Furrer, Gaier, Gall, Gehring, Goebel, Gruebele, Hellmuth, Herman, Herr, Heyne, Hilscher, Hochhalter, Hofer, Hoirup, Humann, Junkert, Just, Kaseman, Kemmet, Ketterling, Kogler, Kramer, Krein, Kurle, Lang, Martel, Meidinger, Miller, Mindt, Mittelstadt, Mueller, Nickisch, Nies, Nippolt, Ottmar, Perman, Pfeifle, Preszler, Pudwill, Rath, Reich, Rieger, Ritter, Roehn, Rueb, Rudolf, Salzer, Sayler, Schaeffer, Schauer, Schilling, Schmalz, Schmidt, Schmierer, Schmitt, Schnabel, Schock, Schwindt, Siffermann, Sprenger, Staebler, Stebner, Stevahn, Stock, Stockburger, Stroh, Sukut, Thurn, Ulmer, Unruh, Vossler, Walth, Wanner, Weber, Weisser, Weider, Werre, Wiest, Woehl, and Wolff.

Many of these families immigrated from the following former German village of South Russia and Bessarabia (today Ukraine and Moldova): Alt Danzig, Bergdorf, Glueckstal, Grossliebental, Gueldendorf, Johannestal, Kandel, Kassel, Klein-Neudorf, Lichtenfeld, Marienberg, Neuberg, Neudorf, Neustadt, Rohrbach, and Worms.

Family sodhouse near Wishek.
Creamery at Wishek.
Distant view of early Wishek settlement.
Wishek's first Fourth of July Celebration.

Spirit of Wishek Golden Jubilee: 1898 - 1948

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