Zeeland, North Dakota: 1902 - 1977

Zeeland Diamond Jubilee Committee, Zeeland, North Dakota, 64 pages, 1977, softcover

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this Diamond Jubilee book of Zeeland, North Dakota: 1902 - 1977. In the Forward is written: "When they first left Germany, they didn't realize how far they would eventually have to go to help settle a new land. It was a long trip: from Germany to Russia, from Russia to the Plains of North Dakota. They came by ship, then by train to South Dakota, then the German-Russian pioneers spread by wagon and cart to help settle our land. They came before there were roads, railroads, towns, or homes. They built for future generations, so that their descendants would have freedom."

The Churches section includes: St. John's Reformed Church, New Kassel United Church of Christ, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (Wisconsin Synod) of Zeeland, St. Andrew's American Lutheran Church, St. Andrew's Catholic Church, and St. John's Catholic Church.

Especially important to the Germans from Russia was St. John's Catholic Church, five miles north of Zeeland, with a settlement there in 1885. The St. John's Catholic Church was built by Father Bernard Strassmeier, O.S.B. Many of the families who attended this church immigrated from the Catholic Kutschurgan District villages of South Russia (today near Odessa, Ukraine).

St. Andrew's American Lutheran Church, located ten miles north and three miles east of Zeeland, ND, was at one time a congregation as part of a five point parish in this area, and it's the only church still in existence today. At a meeting in October, 1892, families decided to donate and build this church. The sum of $385 was gathered from these families and it was agreed that each member donated fifteen days labor to build this new church. Many of the families who attended this church immigrated from the Lutheran Glückstal District villages of South Russia (today located near Odessa, Ukraine and in Moldova).

The publication includes these sections: 1) History of City; 2) City Park; 3) Business Firms; 4) Zeeland School; 4) Churches; 5) Clubs & Organizations; 6) Wade and Ellen Zick; 7) Family Histories; 8) Friends & Residents of Zeeland; 9) 75th Jubilee; 10) Early Settlers; and 11) Advertisers. There are many photographs throughout the publication.

In the Family Histories section, these names are included: Boschee, Brandner, Dockter, Engelhardt, Hartze, Hasenmueller, Henne, Hezel, Just, Kauk, Ketterling, Lacher, Levi, Meidinger, Mitzel, Ochsner, Reede, Rohrich, Schatz, Salwei, Schumacher, Sinkbeil, Stern, Thurn, Trautman, Wetzel, Wiest, Woehlhoff, Wolff, and Zick.

Building the Zeeland Bank.
Early view of Zeeland street.
Early 4th of July at Zeeland.
New Kassel United Church of Christ.
St. Andrew's American Lutheran Church.
St. John's Catholic Church.

Zeeland, North Dakota: 1902 - 1977

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