Zion Lutheran Church: 100th Anniversary: Ashley, North Dakota, 1903 - 2003

Zion Lutheran Church Centennial Committee, Ashley, North Dakota, 2003, 300 pages, hardcover

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide the 100th Anniversary book for Zion Lutheran Church at Ashley, North Dakota. The book includes extensive parish information, photographs, and historical data. Many of the families as members of Zion Lutheran Church are of German-Russian ancestry with roots to the Lutheran Glückstal District villages - Bergdorf, Glückstal, Kassel, and Neudorf as well as daughter colonies including Marienbeg. Today these villages are near to Tiraspol, Moldova and Odessa, Ukraine. Many other parish members have ancestral roots to the Lutheran Bessarabian villages (today in southern Ukraine).

Sections of the book include: 1) History of Zion Lutheran Ashley; 2) Ashley Zion Pastors; 3) Ashley Zion Sons and Daughters; 4) Rural Congregation Church Histories; 5) Rural Area Pastors; 6) Dakota Territory Pastors; 7) German Articles from The Ashley Tribune; 8) Baptisms; 9) Confirmation; 10) Confirmands; 11) Marriages; Deceased; and Zion Membership today.

Zion Orchestra led by Pastor Sprattler, circa 1928.
Ladies Chorus led by Pastor Jung, circa 1937.

Zion Lutheran Church, Ashley, North Dakota

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