Akaska, SD Centennial 1907-2007

Centennial Book Committee, Akaska, South Dakota, 2007, 559 pages, hardcover.

The book includes historical information about Akaska and Lebeau, South Dakota, and various township maps from 1911 and 1983.

The Family Biographies for pages 207 to 493 include these family names:  Allerdings, Almos. Anderson, Ballensky, Berg, Berreth, Bevers, Boehmer, Bores, Bosch,  Chesky, Coffey, Combellick, Coney, Cook, Crawford, Cronin, Eisemann, Eiteneier, Flemmer, Friesen, Goetz, Gorte, Hanrahan, Hargan, Harty, Heier, Herman, Houck, House, Huber, Jackson, Johnson, Kahl, Kalmbach, Keszler, Kilber, Knecht, Kosel, Kranzler, Kubier, Kuehl, Kulm, Lander, Lapp, Lassanske, Long, Lutz, Marin, Mitchell, Moos, Neumiller, Northrup, Ochszner, Opp, Oster, Oxner, Peterson, Perman, Randall, Reede, Rettke, Reuer, Reiger, Ritter, Roesler, Rueb, Roebuck, Schanzenbach, Schilling Schmidtgall, Schnaidt, Setterlund, Sievert, Skari, Stabbe, Stadel, Starks, Sulzle, Thompson, Thornton, Trupe, Vander, Voegele, Vollmer, Weiss, Wells, Westberg, Windman, Wiedmann, and Wilson.

A typical South Dakota shanty.
The back combine is Henry Eiteneier and front belonged to William and Max Weiss. Both are Case combines on steel wheels.

Akaska, SD Centennial :  1907 – 2007

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